We’ve pretty much loved eating tacos together since before we started dating. Our first “friend” date, or “not-a-date” as we like to call it, was getting together and making tacos from scratch – Matt made the pico de gallo (wrongly we might add – he used parsley instead of cilantro – we know, sacrilege) and Kiana made the meat mix and fried up some corn tortillas. Less than a year and many taco-making-get-togethers later, we walked down the isle and vowed to be taco-eating partners forever and always – #tacoloveforever.

The taco obsession never went away. We committed to countless $1 taco nights at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants in Pittsburgh, El Patron. We ate tacos at bars where tacos were not the highlight of the menu, and any time we traveled we somehow found a place to stop and eat tacos. We even spent our 1 year anniversary eating tacos in downtown Pittsburgh at Las Velas.

We love that you’re here taking the time to read about us and follow us on our taco tour – because that means either you’re one of our friends or family members, and/or you love tacos as much as we do!

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