WE KNOW, WE KNOW – We’ve been gone for awhile – but for good reason! We’re having a taco! A baby girl taco to be exact, due June 1st, so only about a month left until her arrival. We’ve been so busy with getting ready for baby that every single taco place we’ve eaten at in the past 8 months and meant to review, the reviews simply didn’t come together. We meant to announce baby on our blog with the photo above, along with a review of Baby Loves Tacos over in Lawrenceville. Unfortunately the morning sickness had hit bad that day – we didn’t even get to eat any tacos, instead we had to rush home where Kiana had her first super-fun-vomit-fest in the kitchen. Definitely killed the taco mood.

Thankfully the first few months from hell soon passed and we were able to really enjoy being pregnant, but of course then we decided to move to a new place, Matt decided to go and turn 30 (definitely an excuse), and we realized we were super broke. We generally eat less tacos when we’re broke. Which is sad. Why are we having a baby again?! Haha…just kidding. Maybe. WHY IS THIS TACO ONESIE MOM GAVE US SO CUTE?! Ok now we remember why we’re having a baby…

Although we did eat tacos at more than a few places in the past 8 months, we didn’t enjoy them to our maximum ability, because Kiana wasn’t feeling great most of the time and was craving things like prunes, ice cream, and salt ‘n vinegar chips. We felt like we couldn’t review those places until we were feeling our best and could really focus on the taco eating experience. Now that Kiana’s feeling mostly better – a phrase which here means “like a tiny fire-breathing whale that wants to eat everything” (because she’s rather a small person, has heartburn every day, is feeling massively pregnant and is hungry almost all the time) – we decided it was time to jump back in the taco review game. We do promise to come back and do a Baby Loves Taco review at some point though! Maybe once baby girl is here and Kiana fits back into her jeans like in the photo up top (ha) ✿ ◠﹏◠✿

And well – here’s us, cheesing hard and trying out Brassero Grill over in Braddock, PA. Hang on to your tortillas folks, these might be our new favorite tacos in Pittsburgh!

Brassero Grill’s Chicken Tacos

Brassero Grill is located over in Braddock, PA, on the outskirts of Pittsburgh but the heart of Steel City. Braddock is one of those places that you never really hear good things about, but lately it seems like a small arts and business revival is happening in the area. One of our good friends recommended Brassero Grill to us a couple of weeks ago, and we were surprised by all the 5 star reviews we found on Google. We had to try it! And sure enough, as soon as we took our first bites we knew this place had to be featured in our come-back post. We both had their original chicken tacos – double soft corn tortillas, melted provolone and mozzarella, fresh baby spinach, salsa, guac, cream, and grilled chicken. YUM.

Matt’s Review

First of all, you have to understand – I wasn’t even hungry. 

Sometimes, hunger does strange things to you. There can be a hunger mirage, making you think a dish is wwwaaayyy more delicious than it actually is. It can make you think that a taco is perfect when it’s actually quite mediocre. 

That night, though, I was not hungry. I had eaten a large, late lunch and was still quite full at dinner time. But when your wife says “Want to go get tacos?” the ONLY answer is yes! So I was eating tacos, but I was not hungry. I had not been craving them. I could not be led astray by a hunger mirage.

No, these tacos were no mirage. They were mana from heaven! BETTER! (After all, the Israelites bitterly complained about the mana multiple times.)  These tacos are my new favorite tacos in Pittsburgh. The bar has been set.

It began with the first bite: My first bite was a tiny piece of chicken, barely the size of a crumb, that had fallen outside the taco. Wow. The seasoning was perfectly balanced! The chicken was grilled and blackened, spicy-peppery but not overpowering! Wow.

The taco itself was a work of art, with all of the ingredients balancing just right to send your taste buds to heaven. The ingredients were slightly different from the normal adobo chicken tacos you usually find: The fresh spinach was a nice shift from typical lettuce or cilantro. Using mozzarella and provolone instead of traditional queso fresco or other taco cheese blends was surprisingly inspired. The full inclusion of guacamole, chipotle sauce, and sour cream sent these tacos into the stratosphere. All of it was held together by two soft yellow-corn tortillas, which were so much stronger than typical white corn or flour tortillas which break three bites in. Every single bite was a perfectly balanced blend of the ingredients, no one ingredient overpowering the others. Each bite left me wanting more.

I want more. I want more now.

One last thing: the inclusion of just 5 tortilla chips? Crucial. This is not the typical “side of chips and salsa” to which we’re accustomed.  No, these chips are tools. They are tools to help you eat any taco fillings which may fall onto your plate while eating. These chips are here to make sure you do not miss a single bite of taco. Crucial. Inspired.

Do yourself a favor: go and get these tacos.  See for yourself. Go tonight. Go now.

Kiana’s Review

These tacos were truly perfect. Perfectly seasoned, perfectly salted (you know me, love the salt), and they had such a unique and delicious flavor! My favorite thing about these tacos was that every ingredient worked together perfectly. My least favorite thing about most taco places is they’ll get their chicken right but everything else will be so-so, or their sauce will be awesome but their chicken bland. These tacos didn’t have any of those problems, they were perfectly balanced and everything was so fresh and delicious!

Let’s talk about the chicken. I saw them making it on the grill and it was a beautiful thing. They grilled the outside so that it was blackened just enough – not too much – but somehow they seasoned it just right without the seasonings tasting burnt. It was so flavorful!

The guacamole was also extremely fresh and seasoned perfectly – the lime they added complemented everything in the taco. The secret red sauce had a chipotle flavor, was spicy but not too spicy. It was just enough that the taco didn’t need anything else.

The tortillas were magical. I don’t think I’ve ever had a yellow corn tortilla as the base for a taco before, only white. These were yellow, and yes they were doubled but they were thick to begin with and barely anything fell out while eating them. These tacos didn’t fall apart all over the place, making them that much easier to eat.

The tortillas and the flavorful blackened chicken weren’t the only unique things about this taco, at least to me. I’ve never had spinach on a taco, or provolone cheese. Let me just say, both of them worked on this taco perfectly. I was actually really worried that spinach and provolone would be gross on tacos, but I was proven wrong. Both were so unique yet so delicious! Whoever came up with this combination, you are seriously on to something, and thank you so so much!

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